The shield:

The gear and water cooling tower: Denotes the large industries and power stations, back to back, in the area of eMalahleni.  Part of the economic growth of the area in the early 1900’s.

Golden triangle: Denotes the rich soil of the area on which Maize fields are planted from horizon to horizon.

Black band: Denotes the abundant coal bands under the Earths’ surface in the Nkangala district.

2 Ribbons above and below the shield:

The top ribbon with the name LAERSKOOL KRAGBRON.

The lower ribbon with the School’s Afrikaans slogan meaning POWER IN UNITY.

  • 1930

    For approximately the first 30 years of the school’s existence the school was known as the Witbank Afrikaans Medium school. With the opening of the school in 1930, 234 students were enrolled. For 21 years and 6 months Mr. Willie de Klerk was the school principal.

  • 1951 – 1956

    Mr. M.T. Meij becomes the school principal.

  • 1957 – 1963

    Mr. J.T. Naude becomes the school principal.

  • 1964

    Mr. S.J. van der Walt becomes the school principal.

  • 1967

    The new school building in Rose Innes street is put to use.

  • 3 May 1967

    With the official opening of the school building, Mr. A.J. Koen (then the Director of Education) referred to the school as “’n KRAGBRON” (a source of power) in our lives and the lives of the nation.

  • 27 June 1967

    The school hall is inaugurated and used for the play “Die Goeie Jaar” by ESAT.

  • Desember 1968

    Tenders are requested for the development of the sports fields – the school was struggling to practice sports because of the new rough undeveloped terrain. A tender of R37 000.00 was accepted.

  • March 1969

    A start to the levelling of the terrain and the development of the sports fields.

  • 1972

    The decorative entrance of the main gate is built. Designed by Mr. Pieter Greyling, a teacher of the school.

  • 28 January 1974

    The school mourns the death of Mr. S.J van der Walt early in the morning before school starts.

  • January 1975

    Mr. A.L Pretorius is appointed as the Principal.

  • June 1976

    The foundations for new out buildings, sales areas and the garage for the combi and the tractor are laid.

  • June 1980

    Mr. J.L. Pretorius is appointed as the principal.

  • 10 September 1981

    Heavy snow falls in Witbank. The grass and rugby fields are covered with a thick layer of snow.

  • 20 April 1982

    Mr. J.A.M. Dirker is appointed as the principal of the school. Under his leadership the school’s academics, culture and the sports excel. The school terrain and the sports fields are further developed. New gardens are laid out including many indigenous trees.

  • 1985

    The pavilion of the A sports field is built.

  • 1994

    The administrative office is enlarged and Mr. Dirker gets a nice big office fit for meetings.

  • 1995

    We begin with outcome-based learning (Curriculum 2005) for Gr.1. The school is one of the project schools in Mpumalanga for the National Education Department.

  • January 1996

    The Lapa is built and is used regularly for functions, meetings and sports meetings.

  • 1997

    Grade R classes for learners in preschool age commences.

  • August 2005

    Mr. Dirker celebrates his 60th Birthday.

  • November 2005

    Many big invasive trees are cut down and car ports are erected in their place

  • 2006

    Kragbron celebrates its 75th year of existence with various activities.

  • 13 October 2006

    Mr. Bertus Venter, the Chairperson of the School Governing Body announces that Mr. Dirker will be retiring at the end of 2006 as principal after 24 years of service.

  • October 2006

    The school boasts with 170 learners that attend preschool classes and 1011 learners from Grade 1 – 7.

  • March 2020

    COVID-19: a worldwide pandemic is declared due to the SARS COVID-19 virus. South Africa enters a National Lockdown. Schools are closed from 18 March until the end of June 2020. Further intermittent school closures follows until August 2020.

  • 2020

    COVID-19: Lockdown: March to August 2020. School continues with work being sent to learners via WhatsApp.

  • 2021

    The school celebrates its 90th Birthday.

  • October 2021

    School sports and culture activities resumes after COVID

  • April 2022

    The new School logo and letterhead are put into use

  • May 2022

    The first Kragbron Festival is held. It is a great success.

  • June 2022

    COVID-19: The wearing of face masks in class is no longer a requirement. Face masks were worn since the school resumed in August 2020!


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