We at Kragbron believe that a learner’s basic needs have to be met before any learning can successfully take place. Therefore we have made provision for learners who need lunches during break in the form of sandwiches and other snacks. We also have a clothing store where good quality secondhand school clothing is available for those who can’t afford any. We pride ourselves in providing learners with as much as possible. Learners receive a stationary package which includes some of the workbooks needed at the beginning of each year.


At Kragbron we have made provision to accommodate learners with special needs. For learners who experience barriers in learning, there are procedures to provide the extra help needed by means of remedial teaching, especially for those who struggle with reading and writing (Languages) and Mathematics. Mr. Abie Smit, an educational psychologist, test learners with problematic learning barriers and behavioural problems and advises on remedial solutions. Concessions are in place for learners who struggle during examinations. The school also works with Ms. Zelda Kleynhans , a counselor, who supports learners emotionally when needed after parent-teacher consultation.


Kragbron prides itself in the affordability of tuition fees for quality education. Therefore the payment of tuition fees is compulsory. These fees are revised annually by the School Governing Body.

However, bursary grants are available for parents or guardians who are unable to pay tuition fees. They can apply for exemption or partial payment reductions. Such applications are not necessarily granted, but will be considered according to the prescribed formula based on a graph which includes the monthly income as well as the number of dependents. Parents are, however, still responsible for the outstanding amount, until they have been notified of alternative arrangements.

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